Solid surface

Solid surfaces Kerrock

Solid surfaces are man – made material fabricated by mixing 2/3 natural minerals and 1/3 acrylic resins. The result is a homogenous material inheriting the properties from both the mineral and plastic.

Solid surfaces have numerous advantages from the conventional materials like marble, stone, wood, plastic, glass, etc. They give you the chance to experience the charm of nature in your home. They are playful, sensual, lively and eternally beautiful. They are strong as it is defined by their durability and toughness and all the while remaining warm and pleasant to the touch.

One of the greatest advatntages solid surfaces possess is the infinite design possibilities. They allow bold design solution, unlimitness in shape and most innovative image. Their excellence makes it thrive in every space. The first impression thet we feel when we stand before an object equipped with solid surfaces, is that of enthusiasm and admiration. It is an impression that lasts and lasts.